Baby Shower Games

Digital Data Script [if IE]><meta http-equiv="X-UA-Compatible" content="IE=edge"><![endif] Always force IE to render in the most recent mode Need some help deciding what to do at your next baby shower? Here's a list of some Baby Shower Games!


- Do you know what it is ? - brown paper bags with baby item gift for mom to be. Guess what is inside.

- Baby Bucket List - Guests can write down one thing you need to do in baby's first year.

- Make a bib - Plain bibs & fabric markers for guest to decorate, embellish or write a quote.

- Measure the belly - Everyone is given a ball of string/ribbon to cut to the length of mum-to-be belly measurement. Closest to right measurement wins.

- Baby bingo - guests score when the item is opened, they can cross it off their list.

- Puree never tasted so good - guests pair up, with a blindfold each (clothing covered by a bib or garbage bag) one team member feeds apple puree the other. Fastest to finish are the winners.

- Guess the spice - put different spices into jars and have guests guess which each one is, writing their answers on their own answer sheets.

- Celebrity baby trivia - Make a list of celebrity parents and see who can name all of their kids or pics of celebrities as babies.

- Don't say baby - As each guest arrives, have them put pegs on their clothes somewhere. If one guest hears another say the word 'baby', they can take their peg. Whoever has the most pegs at the end wins. (Add more words to make it more challenging - eg, 'cute', 'little'.)

- My waters broke - Set small toy babies or jellybabies in ice trays and freeze. Your guests will need to "free" their baby and shout "My waters broke!" first to win.

- Who's the celebrity baby? - Guests can put their celeb-kid knowledge to the test with this game. Collect a big assortment of pictures of celebrity babies by cutting them out of tabloid magazines, or printing them from the internet. Assign a number to each celebrity baby and give the guests 10 minutes to match the celebrity baby photos to their parents.

- Baby shower onesies - Put the cardboard into each onsie for support and pass them out to the guests. Have everyone decorate the onesies for the mother-to-be to remember the day.

- Pin the sperm on the egg - Set up this version of the childhood classic, or make your own board.

- Playdough babies - Have guests flex their sculpting skills by making playdoh babies. Give prizes for categorizes such as most anatomically correct, creepiest, funniest, and best overall.

- Baby sock game - Put a pile of baby socks, unpaired, on the floor. Each guest must match as many socks as they can in one minute. The person who matches the most socks is the winner.

- What flavor is that? - Have labels of baby food removed and number each jar for a blind taste test - get guests to guess what flavor each is. Don't forget those weird combinations!

Do you have other ideas? What games did you play at your baby shower?


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