5 Great Pregnancy Purchases

It’s easy to spend money during pregnancy. All that baby gear and new maternity clothes certainly add up fast, but when you’re making purchases, be sure to make some that will give you a bit of extra joy and comfort during the long months of waiting.

Maternity Pillow It seems frivolous to spend money on a giant pillow when you have so many already, but a maternity pillow is a special design to help support a pregnant woman’s body in just the right places. It is shaped like a U so that you have a section to support your knees and legs while you


lie on your side. The back portion supports your aching back and keeps you from rolling onto your back while you sleep. The front helps to prop up your every growing belly so that you can rest, fully supported on all sides.

Glider and Ottoman Of all the baby furniture you buy, purchase your glider first. Be sure to also get an ottoman that matches the set.

Then, set that puppy up right in the middle of your living room. Settle down and you’ll only have to leave your new comfortable seat to get another drink and use the bathroom. The pouches built into the side are great for holding all those pregnancy books and the television remote, and you can prop your feet up on the ottoman to help circulation and reduce swelling. Then just rock peacefully while you count kicks and dream of the future.

Great Shoes In your pre-pregnancy days, great shoes were probably killer high heels. Now you’d likely kill anyone who suggested you try on a pair of heels. Before you get too uncomfortable, start trolling around shoe stores looking for the perfect pair of maternity shoes. These shoes should be slip-ons so that you can get them on when you can’t bend over any more. They should also be roomy enough to let your feet expand and breathe when the swelling begins in earnest. Finally, your perfect shoes will have a supportive arch to help keep your feet happy and healthy. If they are also appropriate for work, so be it. Otherwise, just wear your happy shoes to work and dare anyone to tell you it’s not okay.

Baby Books If you think you’ll have plenty of time to read books after the baby comes, you’re in for a surprise. Unless you’re chasing older kids, you likely have plenty of time of your hands and you might even be a bit bored while you wait on your baby. Use that time to read ahead on what to expect after delivery. Read at least one or two parenting style books and read the first sections of a handful of others so that you’re ready for what comes next. You’ll have time to skim the chapters again in moments of crisis (why won’t she stop crying!), but the more information you have going into this grand adventure, the more prepared you’ll be.

Giant Water Bottle You might not realize it yet, but your constant thirst now is only going to get worse once you start breastfeeding. Use pregnancy to try out different kinds of water bottles to find a system that suits you. You might like to have many small bottles to grab on the go and refill, but many pregnant women prefer to lug around a large bottle. It helps make sure you get all the water you need a day and its constant presence is a clear reminder to start drinking more water – amniotic fluid replenishes itself every three hours, you know.

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