Baby Names Inspired by Cocktails

Refreshing names for your baby

Looking for tasty baby names? Try these cheeky names inspired by classic and modern cocktails. Fun and a little flirty, these baby names are sure to make a statement.


Who says baby names have to be serious? While you don’t want to be downright silly, a fun name can be a great way to give your child a strong sense of identity. No one will forget your child’s cool, unique name. For a refreshing, fun take on baby names, we investigated modern and classic cocktails.

Cocktail names for boys

From classic Alexander to quirky Royce, these boy’s names based on cocktails have strong, masculine appeal to them. We love Gibson and Wolfram.

Alexander - This sweet cocktail is made with gin, cream and crème de cacao.

Caesar - This Canadian cocktail is similar to a Bloody Mary.

Churchill - This whiskey cocktail is sweet and sour.

Gibson - Made with gin and vermouth, this martini is garnished with a cocktail onion.

Harvey - A Harvey Wallbanger contains vodka and orange juice.

Rob - A Rob Roy consists mostly of Scotch whiskey.

Roy - The Roy Rogers is a non-alcoholic drink made with cola and grenadine.

Royce - This exotic cocktail is made with Brazilian cachaça.

Tom - A Tom Collins is a gin cocktail that tastes like sparkling lemonade.

Wolfram - This is a sour gin martini invented in 1990.

Cocktail names for girls

These funky, cool names are based on popular cocktails. Unique and exciting, they’re baby girl names that really stand out. We love Julep and Paloma

Amber - An Amber Moon is a hangover remedy that includes whiskey and raw egg.

Bellini - Sparkling wine mixes with sweet peach in this popular breakfast cocktail.

Brandy - This sweet liquor has been a popular girl’s name for decades.

Daiquiri - These tropical rum cocktails are often served frozen.

Julep - A Mint Julep is a famous Southern cocktail.

Lorraine - This gin cocktail from the ’40s is slightly sweet.

Margarita - This ubiquitous tequila cocktail is best served with fresh lime juice.

Martini - Known for the stylish glass, martinis are a sexy, sleek drink.

Paloma - A Paloma is a Margarita made with grapefruit juice.

Sangria - This is a cocktail made with fruit and wine.

Shirley - A Shirley Temple is a non-alcoholic drink made with sprite and grenadine.

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